"When Mariette asked me how I would gauge her success, I
knew that the process would be really tailored to accomplish my objectives."

Positioned • Packaged • Prepped to Win

Career Launch Accelerator for Millennials

For Parents Who Want to Jump Start Their Grad’s Career

The Career Launch Accelerator program for Millennials positions, packages and prepares grads for success in today’s highly competitive job market. From setting clear goals to building a compelling resume and LinkedIn page, grads learn the strategies and tactics that are at the heart of a successful search. (I talk more about this program on The Education Forum with Karen Powell. You can watch the video below.)


If your son or daughter has graduated but is at a loss about what to do next, this program will shift your grad from being stuck to moving forward.

The Career Launch Accelerator Program

It starts with the Career Advantage@ comprehensive Career Profile that will focus your grad on his or her strengths, accomplishments and ideal career. We’ll use that information to start the positioning and packaging process for the work your grad wants to do. That process occurs in five steps.

  1. Clarity & Goal Setting
  2. Resume Build
  3. Marketing Message / Elevator Pitch
  4. LinkedIn Profile
  5. Visibility & Search Strategies

There are no geographical limits to working together. The Career Launch Accelerator program is delivered via telephone on days and times that work for your grad and for me.

Is the Career Launch Accelerator right for your grad?

This program works best for those that really want to turn their desire into results. Your grad and I will know if this program is a good fit when we have an initial conversation about goals and what is necessary to achieve them.

Contact me today to discuss your grad’s situation and next steps for getting started.

Prepped to Win