"Everyone I have spoken to at the manager and professional
level have absolutely raved about your workshops."
-CFO, Big Pharma

Knowledge is power.

Knowing how to engage at all levels, establish presence and understand how things “actually” work are powerful tools for achieving desired career outcomes. This series of corporate communication workshops specifically address these challenges.

Highly interactive half-day programs teach professionals, middle managers and executives my most important strategies for effectively communicating within a corporate environment. The series includes:

  1. Managing Up
  2. Executive Presence
  3. Pitching for Buy-in™
  4. Millennial QuickStart: The Realities of Corporate Advancement

Are these workshops right for your company?

Companies with stretch goals that have teams eager to succeed and/or companies that want to facilitate powerful engagement and encourage retention by giving their people the tools to take more ownership of their own careers are excellent candidates for these workshops. Organizations that are challenged in managing generational communication issues as well as millennial impatience with moving up also find high value in these sessions.

Prepped to Win