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Packed with practical advice on how to get started, you’ll learn from my mistakes and be inspired by the amazing results others have achieved just by following 7 simple steps.

You will learn…

  • Why creativity is not enough
  • Why clarity is magnetic
  • Why fear always points the way
  • Why confidence is a myth and four other common beliefs are, too
  • How to package yourself for your great work
  • How to pitch you or your idea

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Do Your Great Work! is available in both soft cover and eBook editions.

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Insider’s Guide

25 Things You Should Know Before Doing Your Great Work

By Mariette Edwards

Many things will happen when you launch your great work. Knowing what to expect and how to respond will help you when things are going right and when they are not. That is why a copy of 25 Things You Should Know Before Doing Your Great Work eBook is included with all DO YOUR GREAT WORK! packages. Learn more about evolution and buy-in now. Not available for purchase.

As a new client, you will receive this eBook as a part of your Welcome Kit, contact Mariette to learn more

Pitching Your Great Work: How to Sell Decision Makers on You or Your Idea

No matter what your great work is, sooner or later you will have to sell someone on you or what you want to do. This online publication is a compilation of my articles and tips on delivering a winning pitch. Read now