10 Tips for a Successful Managing Up Strategy

You don’t have to like or admire your boss, nor do you have to hate him. You do have to manage him, however, so that he becomes your resource for achievement,accomplishment, and personal success.

-Peter Drucker

Managing up is an important skill in positioning you for career success. Shifting your perspective away from yourself and focusing on your boss as your customer will help you Manage Upexecute an effective managing up strategy. Here are 10 ways to start managing up right now.

  1. Pay attention. Other people tell you everything you need to know to communicate with them. What is your boss telling you? What are you telling him?
  2. Learn the rules. Every organization has its own set of operating rules. Study and observe the careers of those you admire in your company. Apply their formula to your career.
  3. Build trust. Be reliable, honest and dependable. Keep your boss’s interests in mind. Avoid political situations that could undermine your relationship with your boss.
  4. Do good work. Managing up is not a substitute for poor performance. Make sure you are known for the excellence of what you do.
  5. Be a good follower. Ask good questions. Get clarity about expectations. Over-deliver on results.
  6. Keep your boss informed. Give him good news and prepare him for bad news by providing solutions as part of the process.
  7. Put it in writing. Keep a log of meetings and communications with your boss including a synopsis of what was said, the request and/or result.
  8. Build an information network. Make it your business to be in the know.
  9. Learn the art of selling. Learn to sell your ideas by leaning into your boss’s style and keeping his goals in focus.
  10. Maintain a good attitude no matter what. A bad attitude will sink your career faster than inexperience.

Knowledge is power! The more you know about managing up, the more control you will have over your own career.

Until next time,