Set A Breakthrough Career Theme for 2015

Setting a breakthrough career theme is a powerful tool for focusing your efforts in 2015. It provides a context for the actions you take and expands your thinking about what’s possible.

Here's to all the fun you will have doing the impossible in 2015.

My theme this year is Fun and Adventure. As I was thinking about what that means, I stumbled across this quote from Walt Disney: “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” It reminded me of all the fun I have helping my clients achieve what may start out as impossible but becomes very doable as they start to take action in the direction of their goals. I absolutely love turning my creative mind to mapping out the strategies that turn their desire into results. Here’s to doing more of that in 2015!

Create your own theme for 2015 

If you are looking to make a breakthrough this year, then take some time to think about what theme would produce that outcome. Be sure to share your theme with others you can can count on to help you achieve your breakthrough, then keep track of your progress, measuring all that you are doing against your theme.

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Special thanks to Bill Baren for his ideas about setting an annual theme that I have adapted here. What a great idea!