Testimonials Build Credibility As An Expert

donnakozik-7c26873c-4be6-4889-b32d-8feff6e33f24-v2TestimonialThe following article on strategies for securing testimonials was featured in the September 1st edition of the Business Authors Association newsletter.

Testimonials Build Credibility As An Expert by Mariette Edwards

Testimonials are an important element in your marketing strategy as a new author.  A well-crafted testimonial from someone your reader identifies with and is influenced by positions you as an expert. Your book becomes one your reader is more likely to buy when someone they know and trust says, “Hey, this author really knows this subject and you, dear reader, will benefit from buying this book.”

Three Secrets to a Great Testimonial

  1. Aim High. You won’t get if you don’t ask, so why not ask the biggest and best first? You can always take it down a notch if that strategy hits the wall. Kick start the process by knowing who your reader is and who is likely to influence that person in a pos
  2. Start Early. Getting a testimonial can take time, especially if you are going for someone well known.  A personal, warm and sincere invitation to comment on your book with plenty of praise for your target’s work is the first step. Be sure to include a timeline for responding and stay on top of following up. Since this can be a numbers game, the more invitations the better to increase your chances of one or more bites.
  3. Be Prepared To Write It Yourself. Some people need a little (or a lot!) of help writing a testimonial. You may have already encountered this when asking for a recommendation on LinkedIn, for example. Prepare a sample testimonial as a template with a suggestion to use it as a model. That may boost your chances for a positive response. Still, some will say no or will not respond at all. Just keep going!

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Mariette Edwards is an Executive Coach specializing in Strategic Career Packaging for High Achievers. She is author of Do Your Great Work as well as other books and articles on career issues. For more on Mariette, visit her website at doyourgreatwork.com