Happy “I Love My Job” Day


Happy “I Love My Job” Day!

I love my job–the work I do. It feels great to help my clients reach their business and career goals. (FYI, I help high achieving executives and professionals sell themselves, their ideas and their expertise. My specialty is positioning, packaging and prepping you to win!)

I didn’t always love my work. Back in my corporate days, it felt like I was pushing a boulder uphill. But that was a long time ago and I’m very glad I took the leap into the unknown that led me back to my authentic self and doing what I was born to do.

Is it time to quit your job?

If you don’t love the work you do, maybe it’s time to either reignite your passion for it or move on to something else. But don’t just make a break for it. Figure out what you want to do before you make the jump. I did it backwards and paid a heavy price for it. (You can read the whole story in my book, Do Your Great Work! Learn the Rules, Dissolve the Myths that Hold You Back and Start Making It Happen Today.)

Maybe you need to talk to someone

If you are feeling frustrated and don’t know what to do next, maybe you need to talk it out with a family member, friend or professional. It’s important not to go it alone. And, getting someone else’s perspective can be very helpful. Just be judicious about who you share your aspirations with. Be especially careful about talking about making a career change to co-workers who may see your itch to move on as a green light to moving you out of the way of their own career move. (Just sayin’.)

An “I Love My Job” Day Valentine wish for you…

Here’s to finding and loving the work you do, wherever that may take you.

Until next time,