Action Turns 2014 Career Resolutions Into Results

2014 Career ResolutionsThe best way to create the brilliant future you imagine is to take action NOW! Here’s how.

What’s happening to your 2014 career resolutions? We’re already eight days into the New Year.  Any action yet?

Whatever you decided your big career goal is this year, it is not a decision until you act. That means, the best way to create the brilliant future you imagine is to take action NOW! 

Goals and checklists are a good start but…it is what you DO with them that will turn your career resolutions into results.

What is the one action you will take TODAY to create the 2014 you imagine?

Not sure?

In my book, Do Your Great Work, I talk about seven simple strategies for getting and keeping the ball rolling. The first is saying out loud what you want to do. It’s simple but not always easy to put into words what you really want–especially when you know the people around you may think you are nuts to go for that particular goal.

Think about the smallest step you can take right now in the direction of your career goals.

If you are at a crossroads in your career, your first step might be to research the career you would like to try. What is a typical day like? Does it match what you want to do?

Margaret wants to change careers and thought working as an event planner would give her the creative outlet she is missing in the work she does now. In her imagination, she is using her creativity to dream up ideas for weddings and other important social events. Her first step was researching the event planning companies in her city and searching online for information about a “typical day” as an event planner.

What a surprise when Margaret learned that event planning is more about details than ideas. Margaret is not a detail person. She quickly realized that event planning is not for her. That discovery freed her up to explore another direction that will ultimately be a much better fit. But more importantly, Margaret has started building momentum. That’s why the first small step, whatever it is, may be the most important one of all.

Haven’t even started to plan yet? I’ll send you a free DYGW! Action Planner if you email me with “Action Planner” in the subject line.

Until next time, here’s to the brilliant future you will create in 2014, one small action step at a time!