It’s official! Rude is the new black.

Rude is everywhere but now there’s a survey reported on Reuters today that supports what we already know, at least in the online world. Joseph Grenny, co-author of Crucial Conversations and co-chairman of the corporate training firm VitalSmarts that conducted the survey, said online rows now often spill into real life with 19 percent of people blocking, unsubscribing or “unfriending” someone over a virtual argument. “The world has changed and a significant proportion of relationships happen online but manners haven’t caught up with technology,” Grenny told Reuters when the survey was released.

Being rude can destroy relationships and generally tick people off in the real world, too.  Here are three examples:

I was having lunch with a colleague recently. She was excited about my book and wanted to introduce me to a friend with a radio program. She was sure her friend would ask me for an interview. She called her friend right there at lunch, handed me the phone and we were off to the beginning of…absolutely nothing except a request for a “complimentary” copy of the book. No follow-up. No invitation. No rejection. Nothing. No… cancel that. Something for nothing.rude

Then there was the lunch I had recently with friends. (Do these things only happen at lunch?) We were sitting in a booth that was separated from the line for ordering by a solid divider with cut-outs over each table. Three times during our meal strangers leaned through the opening to converse with their buddies across the room. What? No apology. No, “Excuse me.” Nothing.

And what about this? You send off your resume to that job that looks great online or the one your best friend told you about. You wait by your email box with anticipation and…nothing. No acknowledgment. No response to your follow-ups. Nothing.

All this has been a reminder to treat others with courtesy. “Be the change you seek in the world,” Gandhi said, so let’s add courtesy back into the world.

From a Do Your Great Work perspective, courtesy can open doors to opportunity that rudeness will slam shut. In fact, courtesy is an important element of any brand–especially yours. It will have people saying great things about you and there’s nothing like a passionate and positive endorsement for moving your career goals forward. Courtesy is a great strategy for success.

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