Happy Do Your Great Work Resolution Day!

As the day draws to an end, just want to say hello to all who took the pledge today and helped to spread the word. DYGW Resolution Day has started you on your way. I’m looking forward to hearing about your Great Work and how you used the commitment you made to yourself to get started on creating the life you want to live. Tell me your story here or email me at openthedoor@doyourgreatwork.com.

Here’s a final word on DYGW Resolution Day. From now on, every day is that day.

BTW, video looks so easy on tv or online, doesn’t it? What you won’t see is how many times it has to be done over before you get a minute or two you can use. Thanks to Darija Pichanick for her skill as a director and producer for what you see here. Thanks, Darija!!!

All the best,