"Working with Mariette was a transformational experience.
She listened to my story, then repackaged it into something that
exceeded anything I could have come up with on my own."

Positioned • Packaged • Prepped to Win

Career Transition Jump Start

For Executives & Professionals Ready To Move Up Or Out

  • Are you in the job market or just thinking about it and want to be packaged for your next opportunity?
  • Did you get a call from a recruiter or learned about a new position that has you scrambling to reply?
  • Are you stalled in your job search and want to re-energize your efforts?

Whether your issue is one of these or something else, NOW is the best time to be positioned for success.

Maximize your market value.

The Career Transition Jump Start program positions, packages and prepares you to maximize your market value. You’ll quickly get to clarity about what you’re going for, connect with what sets you apart and assess your opportunities through a new and powerful lens.

Your new resume and LinkedIn profile will create a connection with employers and recruiters by focusing on the results your target market is looking for and that you can deliver. You will be ready to launch your search utilizing my groundbreaking strategies and tactics developed over years of working with hundreds and hundreds of high achievers just like you.

Be ready for your next career move.

The Career Transition Jump Start program takes a comprehensive, branded approach to presenting your credentials to the job market. All elements of your work experience are evaluated and honed to position you to communicate a consistent, compelling message.

Program Features

  • Clarity & Goal Setting
  • Packaging:
    • Resume Review, Repositioning & Rebranding
    • Elevator Pitch/Headline Statement
    • LinkedIn Profile
  • Positioning:
    • Launch Strategies & Tactics
  • Email support including document review
  • Access to clients-only online library of resources

There are no geographic limits to our working together. The program is delivered via telephone on days and times that work for both of us. Contact me today to get started.

Executive Coaching & Your Employer

Your employer may consider executive coaching a part of a professional development, education or outplacement program. If so, coaching may be eligible for reimbursement. Check with your employer to determine if executive coaching services are included in your employee benefits package.

Tax Treatment

Executive coaching services and program expenses, when incurred to maintain and/or improve your business or profession, are usually tax deductible. Check with your tax consultant for more information.

Prepped to Win