"Everyone I have spoken to at the manager and professional
level have absolutely raved about your workshops."
-CFO, Big Pharma

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Career Advancement Workshops

For Professionals, Middle Managers & Executives

Are communication issues keeping your people from achieving their career goals?

If there is one correlation between knowledge and power in the corporate world, it is in the ability to communicate effectively—to read others and develop a communication style that builds connection and mutual understanding.

Job satisfaction, engagement and career advancement are the powerful result of learning how to show up in any given situation to achieve the desired outcome.

Communication that works goes far beyond the words

In my experience, the inability to communicate effectively is at the heart of many challenging issues at work—whether it’s managing a difficult boss, co-worker or customer, selling an idea or doing the ground work for a promotion or transfer. And yet, although it is simple, it is not necessarily easy to learn how to do it.

A passion for empowerment

I am extremely passionate about empowering others to be more effective communicators. That is why I have created a series of four custom career advancement workshops for the corporate market that specifically address this issue.

These highly interactive half-day programs introduce professionals, middle managers and executives to my most important strategies for effectively managing their career advancement. The series includes:

  1. Managing Up for Career Success
  2. The Realities of Corporate Advancement
  3. Executive Presence
  4. Pitching for Buy-in™

Are these workshops right for your company?

Companies with stretch goals that have teams that are eager to succeed as well as interested in taking more ownership of their own careers are excellent candidates for these workshops. Organizations that are challenged in managing millennial impatience with moving up also find high value in these sessions.

Prepped to Win